Training course about how to implement an Erasmus+ project
"Create Your Own Project" (CYOP) est une formation Erasmus+ organisée par notre partenaire Viaje a la Sostenibilidad qui accueillera des participants venus de France, Grèce, Italie, Roumanie, Pologne, Portugal, Allemagne et Espagne. La formation aura lieu à Zaragoza du 27 mars au 2 avril 2022 et traitera de la mise en oeuvre de projets Erasmus+ et volontariat ESC.
Short detailed description about the project:
CYOP aims to enable youth workers coming from 8 different European countries to develop ideas and projects within the Erasmus+ and ESC programmes. 
The idea is to work on project development from A to B discussing each phase of the project from partner searching, using Erasmus+ and ESC forms, collaborative tools, certificates of competences, participant searching, and final reports. This project aims to enable the organizations´ members to realize their ideas and those of the young people they work with and to offer them new possibilities within the Erasmus+ framework. 
The activities planned will use non-formal education methodology and tools and are designed for participants who already have some basic knowledge. The expected impact on the participants and participating organizations as well as the local communities is measurable and will result in new skills, knowledge and potential European projects. 
The dissemination of the learning outcomes is expected to be carried out in all of the participating countries using social media, websites and other tools which the organizations already have in place. 
The project is expected to have a prolonged life through the creation of new projects and the continuation of cooperation between the participating partners.
For more informations, read the infopack and the planning of activities.
If you are interested in participating, contact us :